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Why Choose Reusable Wipes?

Why Choose Reusable Wipes?

In today's society, we are constantly being reminded of the need to be environmentally conscious. One of the ways that we can help is by reducing the amount of waste that we produce on a regular basis. One easy way to accomplish this goal is by choosing reusable wipes over disposable ones.

Reusable wipes have a number of benefits that make them the better choice for anyone looking to be more sustainable.

Every parent wants the best for their child and knowing ingredients in everyday products is one way to ensure you're keeping your child safe. When it comes to baby wipes, different brands contain very different ingredients but some contain chemicals that may actually cause or aggravate skin irritations such as eczema and nappy rash. Disposable baby wipes need to sit on the shop floor for months to years so you can expect harsh ingredients as they need to ensure they can be stored wet without any pathogen growth. On top of preservatives, you an expect to find fragrances, parabens, SLS's and many more chemicals that may cause skin irritation. Cloth wipes can reduce the chance of nappy rash and is highly recommended for sensitive skin.

Cloth wipes save you up to $1500 over a 2-year period, that is for nappy changes only but it is much more if you’re using disposable ones for meal times and general messes. While disposable wipes may seem cheaper initially, the cost can quickly add up over time. By investing in reusable wipes, you will save yourself money in the long run.

In addition to saving money, reusable wipes are also better for the environment. Disposable wipes are typically made from synthetic materials that can take hundreds of years to break down. This means that they can linger in landfill for generations, contributing to the ever-growing problem of waste and pollution. Did you know that 500 tons of waste is removed from Sydney’s water waste system every year with the largest fatberg weighing 14 tons, which is equivalent to 1 million wet wipes? By choosing reusable wipes, you can reduce your impact on the planet and help to promote a more sustainable future.

Another benefit of reusable wipes is that they are often more effective than their disposable counterparts. Unlike slippery, disposable wipes, cotton wipes are grippy and get the job done fast and effectively! No smearing or needing to use 6 wipes for one job - reusable wipes clean better! They are made from high-quality organic material and they can be washed and reused for many years, over multiple children. This means that you can use them to clean up spills, wipe down surfaces, and more, without having to worry about them falling apart or losing their absorbency.  

By making a conscious decision to reduce your waste and promote sustainability, you are setting an example for others to follow. This can help to encourage more people to make environmentally-friendly choices in their everyday lives, and can ultimately lead to a cleaner, healthier planet for all of us.

In conclusion, choosing reusable wipes is a smart decision for anyone who wants to be more sustainable. Not only will it save you money over time, but it is also better for the environment, more effective, and can help to promote a more sustainable future. Whether you are cleaning messy bottoms, sticky hands, spilled drinks, and stubborn make-up, to reduce your impact on the planet, reusable wipes are a great choice that you won't regret.

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