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In this Quick Reference guide we will show you how to use the system in 8 steps.

Step 1

Add one squirt of the Hydrating Cloth Wipes solution to the clean container

Step 2

Add water and disperse solution. The amount of water needed will depend on how many wipes you are adding.

Step 3

Add wipes and press down into water. Flip wipes over and press down again so all the water is absorbed. Tip out excess water

Step 4

Attach mesh wash back to the hook insert in the messy container

Step 5

When ready to use grab a pre damp wipe and clean the area

Step 6

Add used wipe to mesh wash bag

Step 7

Every 1 or 2 days empty the messy container by lifting the mesh bag and put into the washing machine. Wash on a rinse cycle, then add along with your other washing items for a full wash cycle

Step 8

Dryer or line dry.

Repeat process.