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Australia's Commitment to Eco-Friendly Practices: 2023 vs. Previous Years

Australia's Commitment to Eco-Friendly Practices: 2023 vs. Previous Years

Australia's commitment to eco-friendly practices has evolved over the years, with notable changes in 2023 compared to previous years. Here's a comparison of Australia's commitment to sustainability:

1. Renewable Energy Adoption:

  • 2023: There has been a substantial increase in the adoption of renewable energy sources, with more households and businesses investing in solar power.
  • Previous Years: Renewable energy adoption was slower, and fossil fuels dominated the energy sector.

2. Plastic Reduction Efforts:

  • 2023: Australians have made significant progress in reducing single-use plastics, with plastic-free shopping becoming a common practice.
  • Previous Years: While there were efforts to reduce plastic use, single-use plastics were still widely prevalent.

3. Thrift and Secondhand Culture:

  • 2023: Thrift stores and secondhand markets have experienced a surge in popularity, contributing to reduced waste and a flourishing thrifting culture.
  • Previous Years: Secondhand shopping was less common, and the emphasis on reducing waste through thrift culture was not as pronounced.

4. Community Gardens:

  • 2023: The establishment of community gardens has seen significant growth, promoting local, sustainable agriculture and community-building.
  • Previous Years: Community gardens were present but not as widespread or well-established.

5. Eco-Friendly Events:

  • 2023: Festivals and events are prioritizing sustainability, focusing on waste reduction and eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Previous Years: While there were efforts to reduce waste at events, sustainability initiatives were not as prominent.

6. Beach and Ocean Conservation:

  • 2023: Coastal communities have intensified their efforts in cleaning beaches and advocating for plastic-free coastlines.
  • Previous Years: Beach clean-up initiatives were present but not as widely supported or organized.

7. Sustainability Education:

  • 2023: Environmental education is increasingly integrated into school curriculums, raising awareness among the younger generation.
  • Previous Years: Environmental education in schools was not as comprehensive or widespread.
The remarkable natural beauty of this country, coupled with the growing awareness of environmental challenges, motivated me to take action. It inspired me to launch Here&After where I have had the privilege of offering eco-friendly alternatives and promoting a conscious and sustainable living. This endeavor has allowed me to witness firsthand the increasing appetite for eco-conscious choices among Australians. The satisfaction of contributing to a greener, more sustainable Australia, coupled with the strong sense of community that has emerged from this endeavour, has made the experience immensely fulfilling and reinforces my commitment to driving positive change.


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