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5 Simple Switches for an Eco-friendly Home

5 Simple Switches for an Eco-friendly Home

At Here & After, we believe that embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle should be simple, achievable, and rewarding. We know that every family’s journey is different, and that change often happens incrementally. If you’re looking for simple switches to create a more eco-friendly home step-by-step, take a look at the ideas and inspiration we’ve listed below:

1. Sustainable shopping bags

Single-use plastic bags have been banned in Australia for several years. However, did you know that many so-called ‘green bags’ continue to be made from unsustainable materials? Polypropylene is a type of plastic commonly found in ‘green bags’ sold at major supermarkets, and in fact, polypropylene requires more energy to produce than single-use plastics! 

If you’re looking for a reusable shopping bag that is truly sustainable and can last the test of time, consider a farmers market bag set. These lightweight, durable shopping bags are made from certified organic cotton, and are available in 14 different shapes and sizes. As a certified organic product, you can rest assured that these reusable bags are made without toxic bleaches, dyes, and other chemicals typically found in textiles.

Looking for other ways to reduce your use of plastic and keep your groceries fresh? Check out these award-winning reusable fruit and veggie bags and zero-waste bread bags online.

2. Reusable food wraps

Plastic cling wraps end up in landfill and can even release toxic chemicals into our environment. Reusable silicone food wraps are a great way to reduce your plastic usage, and switch to a more sustainable alternative. At Here & After, we’re proud to offer a variety of reusable food storage solutions. 

To store fruit, salad, vegetables or meat, opt for silicone food pouches. With a leak-free and airtight design, these pouches are also perfect for storing liquids such as soups and smoothies. To cover your leftovers, try reusable stretch bowl covers. Made from food grade silicone, these covers can also be used to seal drinks, cans, and jars. Silicone is derived from sand, meaning it’s non-toxic, BPA free, and can be safely placed in your microwave or dishwasher.

Packing the kids’ lunchboxes? These easy to clean reusable sandwich wraps are specifically designed to keep lunchtime goodies freshly sealed - they’re even made from recycled bottles! 

3. Reusable water bottles

It’s estimated that over 373 million plastic water bottles end up in landfills every year! Cleanup Australia Day also reports that plastic bottles are among the ten most common rubbish items discarded around our communities. Fortunately, we can all do our part to make a positive change!

At Here & After, we have a wide range of reusable drinking bottles available for you and your family. Whether you’re after a stainless steel water bottle, an insulated flask for hot beverages, or even a purpose designed smoothie cup, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget our range of reusable feeding bottles for your little ones. Stainless steel feeding bottles are known to be anti-bacterial and do not shed microplastics - making them a safe and sustainable choice.

4. Eco-friendly dish cleaners

Common kitchen sponges are made from plastic and synthetic fibres that are not biodegradable. What’s more, studies show that most kitchen sponges are a hotbed for bacteria, and need to be replaced weekly in order to be hygienic, safe and effective. Thankfully, there is a more sustainable alternative. 

Eco-friendly cleaning products, such as these scourers made from responsibly farmed coconut husks, are becoming increasingly popular. Suitable for use in your kitchen or bathroom, coconut based cleaning products are free from toxic chemicals and plastics. These products are also naturally antibacterial, highly durable, and completely biodegradable.

Need durable kitchenware that’s easy to clean, plastic-free, and virtually indestructible? Check out our stainless steel divided plate - it’s perfect for children's meals, and can be used again and again! 

5. Bamboo toothbrushes

Did you know that the average plastic toothbrush will take at least 1,000 years to decompose? To prevent more plastic from ending up in landfill, give a bamboo toothbrush a go! Bamboo is a naturally renewable resource, and the average bamboo toothbrush only takes 5 years to fully biodegrade. 

Bamboo toothbrushes can also be upcycled when they’re no longer suitable for dental hygiene. Use your old bamboo toothbrush to clean jewellery, or use the handle as a plant label and marker in your garden. Rest assured that you can safely add the handle into your compost bin, where it will fully break down into organic matter. 

Make another simple switch in your bathroom, and choose organic hand sanitiser. Produced without nasty chemicals but just as effective, lavender sanitiser is perfect for keeping your family’s hands squeaky clean, and can even be used as an air freshener or natural deodorant!

Feeling empowered in your journey towards eco-friendly living is as easy as making one small change at a time. For more tips, follow Here & After on our socials. 

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