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5 Hacks for Eco-friendly Travel

5 Hacks for Eco-friendly Travel

With a standstill on international travel, more people are choosing to explore locally. Studies have shown that many eco practices performed in the home are tossed aside when people are on holidays. Is it a “holiday mentality” or lack of goods or services on hand? Maybe a little of both.

Here are some tips, practices and products to help you maintain your eco standards when you’re on the go.  

1. Reusable Drink Bottles 

The trusty old reusable drink bottle and coffee cup – there are so many amazing brands out there who make amazing leak proof (and shatter proof) products. Avoid glass or ceramics as the last thing you want is cleaning up shattered drinking vessels and contents from the bottom of your bag. Brands that I personally use and love are Frank Green and Seed & Sprout. I use the Seed & Sprout insulated flask daily as it can be used for hot or cold drinks – one product, multiple uses! 

2. Travel Cutlery

This one product will save you reaching for the plastic forks and knives when you are grabbing a meal on the go. Make your own set or check out the Here & After brand set – it comes in a handy canvas zipper case and contains a straw and straw cleaner, chopsticks, a fork, knife, and spoon. I love to keep a reusable cloth wipe in there too for cleaning up any mess. These sets are great for work too! If you have kids, consider popping a few coloured pencils and a piece of paper in the case too to keep them busy while you are eating out. Remember to pop this is your checked luggage if you are flying anywhere or it will be confiscated from your hand luggage. 

3. Reusable Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are fantastic for car or plane trips, especially when you have messy eaters with you! Dampen them before you leave and pop them into a wetbag or ziplock bag. They are much more effective to use than disposable wipes and when you get to your destination, give them a rinse (or a wash if you have access to a washing machine) and they will be ready for the next adventure. Baby and antibacterial wipes are a massive contributor to landfill and waterways blockages, so it’s best to avoid contributing to this ever-growing environmental problem when possible. 

4. Lunchbox or Container 

I always bring a stainless-steel lunch box with us when we travel. Whenever we stop for food, our kids will often have leftovers, get back in the car and report that they are hungry 20 mins later. Instead of letting the bought food go to waste OR having to ask for a plastic takeaway container, we have ours on hand. Once we are back in the car, we have the rest of the food to snack on. Before we head out for the day also, we will fill these with food to prevent us from having to buy single serve snacks throughout the day. 

5. Camping Essentials

If you are heading out and getting back to nature, remember the principle “take only photos, leave only footprints” and make sure you have all you need that will withstand the rough handling and constant use of your camping equipment. Stainless steel plates and cups are a must! They are indestructible and you will have them for years to come. 

We have found the Strucket is the perfect camping addition – whether you are washing down equipment, washing the dishes, or cleaning dirty feet, the Strucket will help you get the job done. To make dinner time easier and to ensure minimal waste is generated, pre-cook your meals before you go so you only need to reheat them on the day. No waste, no long meal preparation time, less washing up and more time to enjoy nature!

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