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5 Easy Eco-Friendly Kitchen Swaps

5 Easy Eco-Friendly Kitchen Swaps

Never have there been so many options of kitchen cleaning products and food storage than right now. But let’s keep it simple! And sustainable. Here are a few great products that I have found along the way which work and withstand the test of time.

1. Cling Wrap → Reusable Cover

I have not owned cling wrap for years. I cannot remember when I had it last in my home, and I do not miss it at all. As plastic cling wrap can be used only once before it is discarded, there are so many better options to choose from! Firstly, figure out what purpose it has in your kitchen. Are you wrapping a sandwich? Popping it on top of a bowl of leftovers? 

If you use it to wrap a sandwich or roll in, consider the Onya reusable wraps that can be used for years to come. They are made from recycled water bottles too – a double win for the environment.

If you are looking to cover a bowl of leftover food, I love the Little Mashies silicone lid covers. They come in a pack with multiple sizes, are super easy to use and a breeze to clean. I find them so much easier to use than the fiddly stretch food wraps. 

2. Plastic Sponges and Scrubbers → Coconut or Bamboo Brushes

Most sponges and dish brushes are made from plastics but there are a few alternatives out there that I know you will love. One of the best swaps I have made in the past year is swapping the tragic plastic dish sponges to the EcoCoconut coconut scourers. I love this product! Made from coconut husk, this donut shaped scrubber will last you many months. It is soft enough to use on any dishes, easy to clean, durable and once you are finished with it, it can simply be buried in the ground as it will break down back into the earth. Super affordable and it comes in a pack of 2. 

Another wonderful plastic alternative is bamboo cleaning brushes. Some brands come with interchangeable brush heads so once they have reached the end of their life, the head can be swapped out without the need to discard the whole product. Seed & Sprout have a wonderful bamboo brush set, meeting all your cleaning brush needs. 

3. Plastic Straws → Reusable Straws

No more plastic straws! There are some great options on the market. My personal favourite plastic straw alternative is stainless steel. They are easy to clean, unbreakable and will last decades! If you use these for thicker drinks such as smoothies, make sure you purchase smoothie straws which have a wider opening.

If you have small children, avoid glass straws as they will be broken before the week is done. You may also want an alternative to stainless steel straws for young children as they can be a safety concern due to their rigidity. Little Mashies has wonderful silicone straws on the market which are suitable for young children. They are BPA free, soft, durable, and thick enough for smoothies. Other options are bamboo, paper, and wheat straws – paper and wheat straws being suitable for an eco friendly party situation without high cost. 

4. Plastic Containers → Glass Jars

We need to move away from the plastic wrapped food and start becoming familiar with our local staple stores. These are shops where you can take your containers, produce bags and jars to refill them, eliminating the need for packaging. These types of stores are gaining popularity and offer a wide range of food products such as pasta, flours, dried fruits and spices.

A space saving and eco friendly change you can make is implementing the Here & After spice jars into your home, eliminating the need for plastic, single use jars. They are glass, functional and help to minimise clutter, as they are magnetic and can attach to your fridge or a steel wall plate. Simply fill up the jars with your most used spices and they will stay fresh and accessible and look great too! 

5. Plastic Cups → Stainless Steel Cups

If you have children, you will know how many cups, plates and bowls can be broken over the years! Many choose to use plastic for this reason but if you are after a more sustainable option, consider purchasing stainless steel. Stainless steel is more eco friendly than plastic and more durable than bamboo alternatives. A good set of cups and plates will last for decades as they are indestructible. They are easy to clean and do not absorb or harbour flavours and smells from food.

If you have younger children, the Lion & Lady stainless steel bottles are a must! Not only are they safer and more durable than standard baby bottles, but they convert into a sippy cup and then cup with silicone straw as the child grows. They even have a lid so you can use the cup as a snack container or safely freeze and store breast milk! One bottle, multiple uses!

Ever Eco stainless steel drinking cup set come in a pack of 4 and are perfect for home use or take them with you for picnics or camping.


Although some of these switches may have a higher upfront cost, they are products that will outlast any plastic alternative and you will forget there was ever another (less sustainable) option. Purchase well, and you will only have to purchase once. 

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