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Free shipping on Australian orders over $200 | Shop award winning products
Free shipping on Australian orders over $200. Shop award winning products

About Here & After

Here & After's mission is to simplify today’s journey to a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Story 

The kindest things we can do for our children and their future, is to be kind to the planet. 

This wholehearted belief that we need to change now, so we can change the future is why Melanie Carr created Here & After, a brand that is simplifying the eco journey so that sustainable living can be achievable for every family. 

Here & After offers simple, practical and eco-friendly home and baby care products created with your family’s health and the environment in mind. We’re here to support you in your parenthood journey and beyond - empowering you to choose what you feel is right for your family. 

The journey to eco with Here & After often starts with our baby products, offering convenient and user-friendly options that don’t compromise on sustainability - saving parents considerable money and countless items from landfill. We only use quality materials and conscious ingredients that are always gentle, chemical-free and safe for tender skin. 

We’re passionate about making the eco-journey so achievable, you’ll forget there were ever disposable options. Explore all we have to offer and discover how easy it can be to create a more sustainable tomorrow - because we need to think about here and after. 

Meet Mel
Melanie Carr is the founder and CEO of Here & After. As a mum and naturopath, she’s on a mission to make sustainable living and parenting easier for everyone with practical, conscious products that actually work.
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