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Celebrating National Organic Month

Celebrating National Organic Month

As we step into September, the air is filled with a renewed sense of appreciation for the environment and our well-being.

This month is dedicated to National Organic Month! It is all about embracing eco-friendly living and celebrating the goodness of organic products that nourish both our bodies and the planet.

Why National Organic Month Matters

National Organic Month encourages us to reflect on our choices and explore a more sustainable lifestyle. It's a time to celebrate the farmers, producers, and brands that prioritise organic practices, safeguarding the environment and our health.

🌱 Nurturing Nature with Organic Farming

Organic farming goes beyond avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It's a commitment to regenerative practices that promote healthy soil, biodiversity, and water conservation. By choosing organic, you're supporting a farming approach that replenishes the earth rather than depleting it.

🥦 The Organic Food Advantage

Organic foods are a delight for your taste buds and your well-being. They're richer in nutrients, bursting with flavor, and free from harmful chemicals. From crisp fruits to wholesome grains, explore the bounty of organic options at your local markets this month.

🌍 Eco-Friendly Products for a Greener Lifestyle

Embrace eco-friendly living by incorporating sustainable products into your daily routine. Swap out single-use wipes for Reusable Organic Cloth Wipes, choose natural and organic products, and opt for products packaged in eco-conscious materials. Every small change adds up to a more sustainable planet.

🛍️ Supporting Ethical Brands

National Organic Month is the perfect time to discover and support ethical brands that prioritise transparency, fair trade, and sustainability. Learn about their practices and the positive impact they make in the world.

Here & After offers simple, practical and eco-friendly home and baby care products created with your family’s health and the environment in mind. We’re here to support you in your parenthood journey and beyond - empowering you to choose what you feel is right for your family. 

🌿 Sustainable Gardening Adventures

Thinking of starting a garden? This is your opportunity! Cultivate your own organic oasis by growing herbs, vegetables, or even flowers. Not only will you enjoy fresh produce, but you'll also connect with the earth and gain a deeper understanding of the efforts behind organic farming.

🌱 The Power of Conscious Choices

Your choices matter – every purchase you make sends a message to the world. By opting for organic and eco-friendly products, you're voting for a cleaner, healthier planet and encouraging others to do the same.

Let's celebrate National Organic Month by nurturing our planet and ourselves with conscious choices. Together, we can create a brighter, greener future for generations to come.